Selecting Your Ideal Fence Style

Planning for your new fence can sometimes be exhausting! Envisioning the material and color you want for your dream fence is not the only thing you have to worry about, you also have to think about the style you like. There are many designs depending on your location and the type of fencing material you wish to work with. Here is a short list of some of the most popular styles:


This style is for anyone who hates the monotony of symmetry and straight lines. By adding conventional or reverse curves to fences that are made of vinyl, composite or wood, you can create a more elegant and dynamic feel to your enclosure.


Gothic is a type of art famous during the middle ages and is a favorite of many people undergoing fence projects. Gothic style is characterized by pointed tops on the fences and simple designs on individual pickets. Usually, gothic designs are seen on wrought iron fences.

French Gothic

French gothic has similar traits to the traditional gothic style but is more extravagant in design with swirls and florettes.


This is a style of fencing so named for the horizontal orientation of the boards when installed. The common placement of boards in a fence is vertical but with this design, they are laid crosswise, creating a harmonious and clean visual rhythm. Flat fences can be created in a step effect to add variety to the form but still have functionality that owners need.


Using asian elements found in native chinese or japanese fences is becoming more popular in North America these days. Bamboo is a material commonly used in creating fences with an oriental appeal and can be very fitting if you have a bonsai garden.A japanese gate as entrance is also a distinctive feature you can add.


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